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Why I hate shopping at Costco


 In this entry I want to express my view why I think Costco is a big scam. Why it is not a great deal like so many people think and they are deceived into thinking it is a great deal.

 First I want to note that I'm not affiliated with any other competitor of Costco and my views are strictly my own views and observations.

 The reason I'm making my views public is being sick of hearing people talking about Costco like the best deal while they don't know that they are being scammed out of $50/year (at least). Costco program is merely a psychological program and doesn't qualify as a good deal when you add the numbers. Also my complain about Costco is not financial too. It is the violation of privacy and dignity for ordinary shoppers.

 Nevertheless you'll find thousands of people rush into Costco filling their carts with bunch of stuff (sometimes they need and sometimes they don't) and leave happily smiling thinking that they were so privileged to be in that "shopping paradise".

Now my goal of this entry to get people to think, and hopefully change their shopping habits to at least get Costco to change its practices to at least give some respect to people's minds and pockets.

 I acknowledge that people are different and what really bothers me might not even be noticed by others and vice verse. Therefore I'm just expressing my opinion and I hope people will take into it, but if not then that is fine, you're paying for it anyways:)


First I want to list the two things that I think Costco is a good place for:

1- Certain brands exist in Costco, but doesn't exist anywhere else. I can't give any specific example, but I don't think I have to since its a point on Costco's side anyways.

2- If you are buying in bulks. And I don't mean one or two dozens, I mean much more.


Now here is the stuff I dislike about Costco, and the dislike becomes hate after I hear people's enthusiasm when they talk about it:

1- It is not really inexpensive. And if you do you shopping right and you search well (whether for big or small items) you will get way better deals, whether from brand stores or big retail and grocery stores. Most of Costco members they don't even bother to shop around since they think they'll automatically get a good deal buying from Costco while they don't know they are being gypped there. They don't even bother to look around! Trust me, whether electronics or groceries, look somewhere else and you'll find better deal.

2- Membership fees. Why? $50 or $100 for what? Would you accept to pay $50 shopping at Walmart? Superstore? Why am I paying $50 to shop there upfront? how much will I have to buy to get back those $50? With their up to 2% cashback, this means you have to buy more than $5,000 worth of goods to get your $100 back. While with a standard 1% card shopping from somewhere else I get $50 in the plus when I spend $5,000.

3- Inspected when you're leaving,Always! I think other stores have surveillance cameras to spot shoplifters. But for Costco you are all suspects. You are respected members when you're in, but after you spend few hundreds dollars inside, you become suspected shoplifters! And you still smile happily when you're inspected! Good for you:)

4- Taking you photo when you sign up. Why? Am I getting a new passport? This is a privacy issue. Well, I guess you can argue so they can make sure you're the same person you are presenting the card when you're in. Well, then why they have to scan you're card every time you do a purchase. What does that buy them? You're already in! What bothers me is that they know everything you buy, and they could keep that for ever. This part about the photo and scanning the card doesn't bother me as it is, but I think its part of the psychological mind game they play with you.


I could go on and on about their mind games, but what really bothers me is that people buying into it!


 That was my entry about what bothers me in Costco's system. And trust me, look somewhere else and you'll find better or even comparable goods at the same price or even less.

Have a good day:)